How Do we Choose list of leading Clinicians : One of the most effective ways to validate the skill of stalwarts is to get it endorsed by the peers and medical fraternity themselves! Based on the academic qualifications, professional experience, patient feedback and volumes, we drew a list of leading Clinicians for select medical procedures and asked the thought leaders and Key opinion leaders from the Healthcare Industry to choose the best among them!

We went a step further and got in touch with many Healthcare Administrators and Heads of Hospitals. All of them always have a list of Clinicians they would like to have in their own Hospital” and list of Clinicians they themselves consult for personal issues!

Methodology for Reviewing Hospitals

We do believe that you are the best judge and reviewer of the Hospitals and we would encourage you all to share your experiences at Hospitals. However till such time that a critical mass is reached with enough reviews to help make effective decisions, we did a survey of Hospitals with objective list of relevant parameters guided by facts. This is a dynamic rating and in case there is disconnect between our evaluation and patients perception through reviews, we will relook into our process for corrective actions and realign if required. Following parameters have been taken into account for Healdaddy review:-

Clinical Infrastructure : Number and type of Medical/Diagnostic Equipment, Operation Theatres, ICU, Cath Labs (Where Angiography/Angioplasty happens)

Facilities for Attendants : Level of comfort for attendants and facilities like food, overnight stay, Wifi etc.

Ease of Processes : How easy it is to navigate the system, the layers of admission/discharge processes, queue management etc.

Comprehensiveness of Medical Services : Width of medical specialties offered and if he coverage is round the clock or only for limited time

Quality Accreditation : Whether Hospital is accredited by Indian/International Quality Accreditation Body

Methodology for gathering Information on Pricing

When we set out to gather data from Hospitals, we realized how hard it is to get accurate pricing! research over months threw up very interesting insights in to large variation in pricing despite similar infrastructure and quality standards and unwillingness of many hospital administrators to share information with patients till much later stage. It took multiple rounds of mystery shopping, going in as patients to meet doctors and seeking information to put together this data. It is by no means comprehensive at this stage but just a beginning to help understand the price positioning of Hospitals and leaving it you to decide if it is commensurate with clinical talent and infrastructure. Pricing Mentioned for procedures are the financial estimates shared with patients by counselling desk/patients for Sharing room accommodation.