About Us

It’s often said that "Health is Wealth" and yet somehow in every day's hustle bustle and myriad of "To Do" lists, our Health and of our loved ones tends to take a back seat. God forbid but when anything unfortunate happens, we are left scurrying for information right from "Who to consult?"; "Is this treatment right?"; "Who is the best doctor/which is the Best Hospital?", "How much will this treatment cost?" and so on. We are looking for answers from someone whom we can trust, who has no commercial affiliations and can help with genuine, unbiased information.

HealDaddy is your trusted platform to help you choose the best Clinicians and Hospitals for the medical procedures and understand price estimates of different hospitals…Because you and your loved ones deserve the right to choose the Best!

Vision : Facilitate Best Medical Treatment based on Trust and Transparency!

Mission :Empower people seeking quality healthcare services for medical procedures by providing them accurate, relevant, validated and unbiased information about the best Clinicians, Hospitals and Prices!


Dr Ritu Garg

ENT Surgeon turned Management Professional; I have spent close to 15 years in Healthcare Industry as a clinician and Healthcare leader. I am an Alumnus of Lady Hardinge Medical College and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. During my early professional career with the leading healthcare chains of India, I realized the need for a transparent and unbiased information source for people seeking treatment. Many a times I would get calls from family and friends asking for recommendation for best doctors, the price of treatments and so on! This web portal is our small endeavour towards making validated information accessible to all which is factual, not anecdotal and helps them make an informed choice.

Sarvesh Gupta

I am a technology enthusiast working towards developing next generation solutions to provide quality healthcare services. Coming from a family of established, renowned doctors, I stand committed to improve health of the society by bringing the access to the best doctors and thus, best disease management options to your doorstep.

An alumnus of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (Delhi University), I have worked with leading national and international electronics equipment manufacturers to realize state of the art products. As a Global Shaper with World Economic Forum, I have been involved in shaping thinking patterns of students by helping them relate theoretical concepts to technology solutions for practical problems.

HealDaddy is our endeavour to provide a personal trusted health Advisor to facilitate relevant, validated, unbiased information in times of need and support informed Decisions.